Control Yourself: Recorded Live

A live comedy showcase hosted by JoAnn Schinderle


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7/15/2018 - Steph Tolev, Shain Brendan, Simon Gibson, Milan Patel & Shrista Tyree

This reunion edition of Control Yourself features Steph Tolev (Comedy Central), Shain Brendan (NBC Sportswest & Did We Solve It Podcast), Simon Gibson (Backyard Bootleg LA), Milan Patel (Loveboys) and Shrista Tyree!


2/4/2018 - Curtis Cook, Adam Pasi, Ify Nwadiwe, Rosebud Baker & More!

This month's showcase brings you returning Portland hero Curtis Cook, Adam Pasi, Rosebud Baker, Ify Nwadiwe, Chris Ettrick, Kate Murphy and baby boy Paul Schlesinger!


5/7/2017 - Bridgetown Comedy Festival- Guy Branum, Sonia Denis, Raj Desai and more

It's the 2017 Bridgetown Comedy Festival Spectacular with Guy Branum, Caitlin Gill, Raj Desai, Sonia Denis, Curtis Cook, Bret Raybould, Zak Toscani, Dusty Slay


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JoAnn, also a mid-western transplant, brings her brand of loud & opinionated energy to the stage to cover all things feminism, dating and morbidity. There’s nothing un-relatable about her stories or observations.

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