Did We Solve It?

Three ignorant Portland comedians sit down to solve racism.

Hosted by Shain Brendan, Jake Silberman & Thomas Lundy



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Episode 13: Where Ya Headed?

The crew addresses a listener's potentially "physical teachable moment" and goes through the nuances of multi-racial handshake debacles. Jake and Neeraj tell tales from the Undertow Comedy Festival. Shain talks about his run-ins with Portland Police Department.


Episode 7: Good White/Bad White

Shain breaks the mechanics of his favorite new insult. Neeraj tells a story about a potentially racist situation at a popular Portland bar. Jake comes to terms with his role in this podcast.


Episode 1: I’m Not Afraid Of You

Shain, Jake and Neeraj open to show with an awkward story about Neeraj's friend. Jake calls out CW's "Black Lightning" for having a whack trailer. Shain talks about his relationship to milk.


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Shain Brenden is a stand up comedian based in Portland, OR. He’s the cohost of Blazers Outsiders on NBC Sports, cohost of the weekly stand up show, DOUGH, and won 3rd place in the 2019 Portland’s Funniest Person Contest.


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