Laughing in the Dark

The podcast where Sara Jones hangs out in haunted places with comedians.



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Ep. 27: The Comedy Store with Kyle Kinane

Sara checks out the haunted basement of the world famous Comedy Store in Hollywood, California with comedian Kyle Kinane. Sara shares the history and horrors that once happened in what’s known as the torture room.


Ep. 19: Lovecraft Bar with Amanda Arnold

Sara and comedic guest Amanda Arnold explore a haunted horror-themed dance club in Portland, OR called Lovecraft Bar.


Ep. 8: Lafayette Pioneer Cemetery with Becky Braunstein

Follow along on an adventure with Sara and comic guest Becky Braunstein as they explore the very old, very haunted Lafayette Pioneer Cemetery in Lafayette, OR. While Sara tells the story of the legend of a ghostly witch in this small, overgrown cemetery, both of them find themselves frozen in fear when they hear a car pull up to them in the middle of the night.


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After moving to PDX from the mid-west, Sara took some extreme personal challenges and harnessed them into a hilarious and incredibly enjoyable show.

Join Sara as she hangs out in haunted places with comedians!

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