Pitch, Please! 12 - "Live from All Jane!"

This December's Pitch, Please! comes to you from the All Jane Comedy Festival! Starring Caitlin Weierhauser, Kirsten Kuppenbender, Lexie Grace & Aviva Siegel!

Pitch, Please! 10 - "The Bitman Coineth"

Live at Kelly's Olympian in Portland, OR - the game of the 60 second screenplay! Starring Nariko Ott, Adam Pasi, Corina Lucas & Steven Wilber as Portland's Funniest Pitchers!

Pitch, Please! 9 - "Digital Knife"

It's a super hot, super loud, super screamy episode when the boys of Did We Solve It? podcast square off with the Good Garbage girls of Cramps Comedy at Kelly's Olympian!

Pitch, Please! 8 - "Fresh Faces, Fresh Meat"

Fresh faces, fresh meat, fresh Portland comedians coming to the Pitch-off! We're joined by Lydia Manning, Clancy Kramer & Sarah Young with a guest pitch round by co-host Shane Hosea.