standup comedian

Pitch, Please! 12 - "Live from All Jane!"

This December's Pitch, Please! comes to you from the All Jane Comedy Festival! Starring Caitlin Weierhauser, Kirsten Kuppenbender, Lexie Grace & Aviva Siegel!

Pitch, Please! 10 - "The Bitman Coineth"

Live at Kelly's Olympian in Portland, OR - the game of the 60 second screenplay! Starring Nariko Ott, Adam Pasi, Corina Lucas & Steven Wilber as Portland's Funniest Pitchers!

Pitch, Please! 9 - "Digital Knife"

It's a super hot, super loud, super screamy episode when the boys of Did We Solve It? podcast square off with the Good Garbage girls of Cramps Comedy at Kelly's Olympian!