Randall Lawrence

That’s me! I am the owner, sole proprietor, runner, server, sous-chef, CEO, sommlier, master & commander, executive producer and VP of Sales for Cranival Studios.

I am 1/3 of the Cranival podcast as well as 1/2 of Room of Requirement 237. My voice also pops up on all the shows you see in the Cranival Studios line-up!




Nariko Ott

Originally from Phoenix, Nariko treasures researching body counts and disasters.

The man you see before you is just the scaffolding for another man who will be built soon.


Dan Weber

Dan’s high school mascot was the Cheesemakers, which is funny until you realize it’s actually grimly prophetic.

Dan has been many things, married, homeless, divorced, and dead for 15 minutes.

He still is some of them.


Laughing In The Dark


Sara Jones

After moving to PDX from the mid-west, Sara took some extreme personal challenges and harnessed them into a hilarious and incredibly enjoyable show.

Join Sara as she hangs out in haunted places with comedians!


Chumba and wumba


Adam Pasi

As you can guess from his picture, the volume of Adam’s voice is trumped only by the volume of his laugh.

Pasi has lived in Germany, Japan and now Portland, OR. You can see him flashing gang signs for his regular show “You’re Welcome” hosted by the Pizza Gang.


Pitch, Please!


Carolyn Main

Carolyn has 3 pugs and a golden retriever which is what gets her out of bed in the morning.

Carolyn also takes time from her day to create amazing illustrations and dip her toes in the giant pool that is stand-up comedy!




Caitlin Weierhauser

After living all over the west/south west, Uncle Cait settled in Portland where she turned the comedy scene on it’s head.

Now residing in Los Angeles, Caitlin channels her rage into the brash yet hilarious truth you really should hear.

House: Slytherin


Control Yourself: REcorded Live!


JoAnn Schinderle

JoAnn, also a mid-western transplant, brings her brand of loud & opinionated energy to the stage to cover all things feminism, dating and morbidity. There’s nothing un-relatable about her stories or observations.




Shaun Rakhshani

Shaun is a simple man with complicated goals. Shaun has aspirations to sail the endless horizon, weld all the metal and shop all the latest sweet deals.


Luke Messimer

Luke is the backbone of the Cranival Podcast. When he’s not brainstorming the next ludicrous sketch idea, he’s creating some of the greatest indie rock your ears can handle.

Luke is also the writer of every single song Cranival produced (over 70 original tunes in 12 months!)