What Am I Looking At?

These are acoustic sound-absorbing panels. They are traditionally used in recording studios and isolation booths to reduce or eliminate extra sound.

Recently, it has been discovered that these are extremely useful outside of the studio in noisy restaurants, businesses, hotel lobbies, banks, houses of worship, theaters, auditoriums and more!


What do they cost?

You keep asking all the right questions! Here’s the pricing breakdown:

24” x 15.25” x 3.25” - $20 each

48” x 15.25” x 3.25” - $35 each

48” x 30.5” x 3.25” - $65 each

Custom sizes available upon request!


Why purchase from Cranival?

This is the most important question of all.

The bright, exciting and evocative acoustic panels of Cranival Studios were born out of necessity to have fantastic, ultra-high quality, professional noise reduction at a fraction of the rate in order to record the hilarious, informative, spooky and downright goofy podcasts we were known to produce. Click here to listen for yourself!

At Cranival Studios we feel that we’ve cracked the code for how to produce and distribute industry standard sound panels at half the cost of competitor bulk rates: Handcrafted labor, customizable colors, innovative sound absorbancy.

There are two types of panels you’ll find available:

  • Google “cheap sound proofing”. You’ll find 1’ x 1’ x 1” panels in packs of 10 for $60. These are made of very cheap foam that often arrive much thinner than advertised and sometimes even disintegrating upon arrival.

  • “Professional” or “Industry Standard” panels. These panels will typically come in 1’ or 2’ x 4’ sizes and are 1 or 2” thick. Pricing for these panels range between $55 - $80 each.

The panels available from Cranival Studios will come in larger sizes for fewer dollars, sparing you from breaking the bank to get that noise reduction you so badly desire. Don’t believe us? Click Here to see the site and pricing for a “professional” distributor of similar acoustic panels that are 3” narrower and 1” shallower for over double the price as one of our 15.25” x 48” x 3” panels.

So - why purchase from Cranival? You’re supporting a small business (literally 1 person). You’re purchasing a product that is not only super effective but super fun to look at because it’s unique to you! You’re also getting a product that incorporates Rockwool Insulation, known for their extremely fire resistant product. Not only are you going with something fun and something affordable but it’s also safe!* 

If you have a business, home, bank, house of worship, theater, auditorium, recovery center, restaurant, cafe, pub, factory, hotel lobby, apartment complex party room or literally any building that could use a bit of peace and quiet, scroll down and get in touch!

*Rockwool insulation claims to withstand temperatures of up to 1,000º C. Materials used to mount and cover insulation are not treated for fire proofing or resistance.