Episode 51 - Parades & Thanksgivings

Dan is joined by the hilarious Dylan Jenkins who battle to the death with that weird axe from Mandy.

WARNING: BRUTAL AF New Years Bonus Episode

WARNING: THIS BONUS EP IS BRUTAL AF. Prepare for some f*cked up New Year's banter. Dan & Nariko give you their 3rd bonus episode of the 2017 holiday season with the most metal New Year's Day in history as well as their most metal New Years resolutions. 

Episode 4 - WWII Battles & Sesame Street Character

Randy done gone fuck*d up and released the episodes out of order. So, here for you shit*irds now is the most metal WWII battle & the most metal Sesame Street character.

Thanksgiving Bonus - Black Friday Death & Thanksgiving Dish

In this bonus sh*tshow, Dan & Nariko figure out the most metal Black Friday death as well as the most metal Thanksgiving dish. So lock up your creepy uncle and go sit outside a Wal-Mart for 16 hours because we're coming at you with the most metal in Fall holiday traditions.