Episode 18 - Saturday Morning Cartoons & D&D Character Class

Dan & Nariko try to impale each other on flaming dildos while debating Saturday morning cartoons & D&D character classes.

Episode 16 - 80's Horror Movies & Sandwiches

This week, Dan rolls to choke Nariko out with some old twine while Nariko attempts to put Dan's head on a spike while debating the most metal 80's horror movie & all-time sandwich.

Episode 12 - Conspiracy Theories & Car Accidents

Dan & Nariko run full speed at one another with a broadsword in hand to decide the most metal conspiracy theories & car accidents.

Episode 11 - Man-Made Explosions & Cults

Dan & Narkio get in a stabbing match over the most metal man-made explosions and cults. SPOILER: They both get impaled with oversized harpoons