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Episode 33.5 - Quickfire Bonus w/ Adam Pasi

Quickfire topics from the most metal fans with Adam Pasi as special guest host.

Episode 22 - Amusement Park Rides & 80's Wrestlers

Nariko struggles to get his battle axe off the ground before Dan uses his to cut Nariko in half down the middle over the most metal amusement park ride & 80's wrestler. 

Episode 15 - Beach Boys Songs & Hallucinogens.

Dan rolls to choke out Nariko with a frayed USB cable. Nariko rolls to film Dan falling off a building onto a bed of dick-shaped spikes. Whoever wins gets to decide the most metal Beach Boys song & most metal hallucinogen. 

Episode 13 - Assassinations & Candy Bars

Nariko and Dan swing maces at each other's faces from pedestals of fire while debating the most metal assassination attempts and candy bars. What will win? How many teeth will we lose to the Sugar Daddy? Listen now to find out!