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On Friday, April 19th 2019, Lorraine Warren passed away peacefully in her sleep. 

Along with her husband Ed, they were known as the pioneers of modern day paranormal investigation and of the very field itself. They also faced a lot of controversy in their decades long careers. 

Despite skeptics and naysayers, The Warrens’ extensive case files are responsible for terrifying the masses in pop culture for the last 40 years. Whether you know their names or not, you know their work. 

Annabelle. The Haunting in Connecticut. The Conjuring. The Amityville Horror...

In this weeks special double episode, Danielle and Zee talk at length, quite candidly, about the impact that the Warrens have had in the paranormal field. Whether you like them or not, you’ve got to give credit where credit is due. 

Danielle shares the case of the Smurl family’s haunting, while Zee tells us about the true story behind the Perron haunting, which is better know as The Conjuring. 

She also shares a lesser known story from their case files, thanks to an article from Planet Weird’s Greg Newkirk. 

This ones for you, Lorraine. 


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Nowal “Zee” Massari is a Portland based writer, actress, comedian and deceptively young looking feral hobgoblin. Often described as “creepy, but definitely cool,” or “a genetic experiment that spliced the DNA of Morticia Addams and Mrs. Roper.”

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