What's More Metal

Two bad-ass, knife-fighting, flail-wielding, acid-spiting, fire-breathing, burn-out comedians dig into the most metal sh*t in the universe.

Hosted by Dan Weber & Nariko Ott



Top Episodes

Episode 83 - Terrorists & Purchasable Meat

Shove some C4 in your ass and eat a rancid ribeye because Dan & Nariko are back to take down take down the most metal terrorist & purchasable meat.


Episode 81 - Cosmetic Surgery & Fictional Sport

The flail-wielding badasses are badasses are back with episode 81 where they take down the most metal cosmetic surgeries & fictional sports.


Episode 62 - Fast Food Commercials & Monster Trucks

Dan & Nariko battle over who jumps into the pit of rapey clowns while debating most metal fast food commercials & monster trucks. Special appearances by the rapey clownings of Mr. Cooper and Tim "The Toolman" Taylor.


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Originally from Phoenix, Nariko treasures researching body counts and disasters.

The man you see before you is just the scaffolding for another man who will be built soon.

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Dan’s high school mascot was the Cheesemakers, which is funny until you realize it’s actually grimly prophetic.

Dan has been many things, married, homeless, divorced, and dead for 15 minutes.

He still is some of them.


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